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Stylus Dental Creations
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Patients learn the applications of complex dentistry involving crown & bridge, implants and cosmetic dentistry - with entertaining, patient friendly slideshows.


Welcome to the online home of Stylus Dental Creations, serving Richmond Hill and surrounding areas.
Stylus is a full service dental laboratory dedicated to delivering the best in advanced cosmetic dental restorations.

We hope that our website refects that and that you find our website interesting and informative.

The Lab Services List provides a basic list of our products and services.

Technical details involving high-strength ceramics can be found in the our
Crown & Bridge section and documents in our Document Archive.

The Case Delivery Calculator is a handy tool to determine approximate case delivery times.

Unique to our website is our Patient Section designed for patient education. There patients can view slideshows covering topics such as the Smile Style Guide, Dental Imaging, and Dental Implants.

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Contact us by to request any additional information, a prescription pad or our current price list.

If you have any questions about Stylus' products and services, contact Dino Neri, R.D.T. or Domenic Di Cianna.

After hours and weekends: Domenic - 416-565-8826

Stylus Dental Creations Offers Advanced Technology

Zirconia Technology
Stylus is keenly involved in advanced technology.
Zirconia is rapidly becoming the material of choice for esthetic high-strength ceramic frameworks.
We offer zirconia in the following restorations.

  • crown copings
  • bridgework frameworks.
  • implant frameworks (C&B)
  • implant supported dentures
  • custom implant abutments.

Denture Services

  • Lucitone Acrylic
  • Impack Night Guards
  • Impack Splints
  • Sports Guards
  • Temps
  • Valplast
  • Cast Partials

Find out more about these and other Stylus technologies in Lab Services and the Document Archive.